How to Setup an Intuitive Photography Web Presence

I look at 5-6 photographers' websites each day as I go through applications for So You're EnGAYged's vendor list. Some are superb: they have well-organized content and are incredibly user friendly. You can tell that their sites are very inviting to potential clients. Others are hard to navigate, or do annoying things for the user (like play music or resize their window). The best photo websites, though, have one major thing in common: their content helps the potential client learn if they'd be a … [Read more...]

Book More Photo Sessions with Better Contact Forms

Your site's contact form is your potential clients' gateway to booking you. A great contact form will leave users delighted and excited, eagerly anticipating your reply! A not-so-great contact form will leave users frustrated, disappointed and very unlikely to get in touch. So what can you do make sure these users turn into excellent-quality potential clients that are really likely to book you? … [Read more...]