Blogging for Clients: Emotion Captures Sales

Blog with emotion to capture potential photography clientsTalk is cheap and everyone says that photographers should be blogging. At the same time, photographers should be focusing their energy on growing their business. Let’s look at how a photographer can blog for his or her clients.

What Does Blogging for Clients Mean?

What do I mean by “blog for his clients?” I mean that we need to think about our audience. If I blog about some cool new piece of gear, that might be interesting to other photographers but probably won’t bring in any new business. On the other hand if I’m blogging about topics that would be of interest to clients (either new ones or existing ones), I stand a good chance of increasing my revenue… that’s what I mean by blogging for clients.

So we understand that we’re blogging for clients; this means content that will help draw new clients to your work as well as maintain and hopefully strengthen relationships with existing customers. Write for people, but keep in mind that search engines will index your words. Think about terms that people might search for and incorporate those words into your text.

With that in mind, here’s a quick list of several potential topics for blog posts photographers can write:

  • Post about a client’s wedding, showing a few images as well as talking about the venue, city, and other vendors you worked with.
  • Write about one of your favorite venues for shooting.
  • Showcase products you offer that aren’t available to the average parent making prints at WalMart or Costco.
  • Write about a tricky photo situation where your expertise was able to create great images.
  • Perhaps show some “snapshots” of a tricky lighting scenario and then a finished image that shows how you have the equipment and skill to deliver great results.

Evoke Emotion; Show Benefits

It’s not so much what you write about, but how you write about it. As you write your blog entries, keep in mind that your clients won’t care much about technical details, features, or specifications. They don’t want to know about your low f/number or that you can trigger five strobes remotely via Pocket Wizards. They want to know how you’re going to take care of their needs and make them feel good about it. Don’t just post an example of a headshot… talk about how your client was excited to be speaking at a conference and needed a profile picture. Instead of a blog entry simply stating that these are “David’s senior pictures,” talk a bit about David and how he enjoys playing basketball and that you created an image featuring him with a basketball and in his uniform. Not only will you tell a more personal story, you’ll be using keywords that might bring in some search traffic.

Before you publish a blog post think about if it’s going to be meaningful to your clients or only to yourself. If a client reads through your article, will they be more likely to hire you?


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