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Professional blogging tipsI knew the importance of blogging when I started my photo business, but I was unsure of what to blog about. Sure, there’s the obvious sharing of images and recapping client sessions, but I didn’t have enough clients to keep my blog active. So I decided to use my blog to attract new clients. For some one who thinks in pictures, not words, I was somewhat at a loss on what to blog about. Then, I came across Zach’s ebook Photography Blog Success which not only provided me with several topics to blog about, but also how to do it successfully.

I decided to use my blog to attract new clients”

Build a Connection with Readers

My first focus was to build connections with potential clients and fans by sharing more of my personal life. I wrote posts on everything from fun outings with my dogs to pictures I’d taken during vacations. I also started a blog series called Snapshot where on the first of every month, I post a self-portrait “snapshot” along with a list of business and personal goals for the month ahead. By letting my potential clients see what I am like as a person, they can envision what it would be like to work with me.

Another important trait that is essential for blog success is to be consistently entertaining and educating. Not only do readers find this type of content interesting, but it also establishes you as an expert/professional and let’s your personality shine. One key thing to remember is that not all of your readers are potential clients…they can also be fellow photographers, pet fanatics, small business owners, etc. So, in order to accommodate all audiences, I split my categories between photography and business-related topics, pet-related topics and personal stuff. I aim to write posts that will either answer a question, evoke an emotion or demonstrate the way I run my business.

How Often to Blog

Once I figured out what to blog about, I had to determine how often I needed to blog. You want your blog to be active enough to return frequently, but trying to blog every day can be overwhelming and cause other areas of your business to suffer. I aim to publish 3 posts per week. Notice I used the word “publish” as opposed to “write” because sometimes I’ll write 3 posts in one day and schedule them to be published throughout the week. Having a blog schedule is the most effective way to do this. Laying out the next 2-3 weeks worth of posts not only allows you to write and shoot ahead of time, but you’ll always have something to post! Jot down anything and everything you could bog about so that when times are slow, there’s plenty of topics to chose from.

5 Topics Every Photographer Should Blog

  1. Why/How You Became A Photographer – this is your first step to showing your personal side. Include a self-portrait to really connect with your readers. The more they know about you, the more they can connect with you.
  2. Client Sessions – share your favorite moments from client sessions, along with images of course, to give readers an idea of what it’d be like to work with you. Photography fans love getting a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes.
  3. Products – showcase the products you offer (one per post), including pictures and details about the quality, as well as how clients can use and benefit from them.
  4. How To – demonstrate your skills by showing readers how to do something related to photography or even your subject matter. For example, How To Create A Wall Display, How To Pose A Subject Attractively, How To Dress For A Shoot, How To Get A Teenager To Smile, etc. Try to include step-by-step directions and most importantly, pictures.
  5. Industry Trends & News – sharing what’s happening in the photography industry (as well as your subject matter industry – weddings, pets, sports, food, etc) shows that you are a part of it. Blog about conferences and events you attend, get insight on new products, review equipment and books…anything that shows how much time and effort you put into being a professional.

I don’t consider myself to be a writer, but I do take pride in being a blogger. Since implementing what I learned on my blogging journey, my blog traffic and reader interactions have doubled and continue to grow, I’ve been asked to be on an “expert” panel in an online pet community, I’ve been featured on other blogs, and I’ve been nominated as a Finalist in the BlogPaws Nose-To-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards for Best Blog Photo. I’ve also been receiving a significantly higher amount of inquiries and booking more clients than ever before! I’ve never been so excited about blogging and am very optimistic about what the future holds for my business.

Are you ready to take your blogging journey on the road to success? Start by reading Photography Blog Success and you’ll be well on your way!


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  1. SecondAvePhotog says

    Thank you so much for this – it’s EXACTLY what I needed to read because this is exactly the position I find myself in.

    • skyybluephoto says

      @SecondAvePhotog Hey Blaire! Five months later & I finally saw your comment! Apologies for the delayed response. It looks like you’re having no trouble coming up with things to blog about. Right on! Oh, and congrats on your new baby girl 🙂

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