New Google Analytics Reports Photographers Need

3 Google Analytics Reports Photographers NeedGoogle Analytics is critical to monitoring the success of a photography business. Google’s new version may have some photographers confused about what reports to watch, and where to find them. This post outlines 3 reports every photographer needs on their dashboards including referring sites, top keywords from search, and top content. Don’t miss a handful of other interesting metrics to follow, like mobile visitor demographics and geographic location of your traffic.
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Referring Traffic

Photographers should know what other sites link to theirs, and how much traffic those sites send. How many visits do you get from Facebook, and how does that compare with Pinterest? Did your paid ad send any people your way? Are people talking about you in a forum you didn’t know about. Use the referring sites report to see how much love others are giving you.

Where to access: Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals

Search Traffic from Specific Keywords

An SEO favorite, photographers need to monitor how much traffic they get from specific keywords. Which phrases performed well, and are the pages that rank showing your best work and contact information? The keywords filter within Search traffic exposes what’s working well in Google.

Where to access: Traffic Sources > Sources > Search – then click the Keywords link

Top Webpages

It’s important to know where within your site are the most potential clients. If they’re all on an old blog post instead of your homepage, bulk up that post with your best and most recent information! Use the Pages report to watch your best performing webpages. Add it to a dashboard for monitoring at least monthly.

Where to access: Content > Site Content > Pages


See where your visitors are located and if they’re using mobile phones with these two reports. Don’t expect these numbers to change much, just use the information to make sure you’re optimized for the people on your site.

Where to access: Audience > Demographics > Locations
Where to access: Audience > Mobile > Overview


These hidden gems from Google Webmaster Tools uncover what’s ranking in search but not getting clicked. Identify what keywords you can improve, as well as which pages take forever to load. Optimize a hanfdul of the most obvious ones.

Where to access: Traffic Sources > Search Engine Optimization
Where to access: Site Speed


Ever wonder how many people clicked a link you used within a post? Or which links in your navigation people like the most? In Page Anaytics answers those questions. Goals also offer insight to how people convert from lurkers to new business. For example yo umay want advanced informaiton on how people access your contact page, or pricing page. Read more about goals here.

Where to access: In Page Analytics
Where to access: Conversions > Goals

Who’s on Your Site Right Now?

Real-time analytics is perhaps the coolest useless report. It shows how many people are on your website right now and where they’re coming from. Neat, but not much you can do with it unless you get tons of traffic or are in the middle or a major launch/release. Read more about real-time with this blog post from Scott Wyden.

Where to access: Home (tab) > Real-Time


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  1. Doug Cohen says

    This is a great post – I look through these numbers already and my blog doesn’t have the traffic flow yet to give me super significant data, but I’m working on it and these tips provide further insight. ¬†Thanks.

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