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I have created this Photography Pricing Guide to provide a few handy tips on what you should do with pricing on your website.

Should I put my prices on my website?

I think it depends on what your pricing actually is… if it’s a little higher than the competition then I would say don’t display it but if you come in fairly close to your competitors it can be good to display “starting from just $x” prices. Here’s why:

1. It gives people an idea of whether you are in their price range or not and you eliminate people calling you up that are time wasters.

2. People are often afraid to call up just to get a price, because they are worried they will be sold to. You will get clients that will opt for a photographer that shows their pricing based on the fact that it allows them to make up their own mind about who they want to use

3. A from price gives you the flexibility to add a call to action like: “Contact me NOW to discuss a package that is right for you”

Doing it this way eliminates the negatives of putting up pricing and still gives you the freedom to:

1. Pitch yourself to the client verbally, as opposed to just written text.

2. “Tailor a package” that’s suitable to their needs 3. Negotiate with the client (although there are definitely ways to eliminate negotiation on price click here: to read my post on pricing)

I have had clients who have had success both putting pricing up and not, so it really comes down to what works for you. There is  an excellent programme you can get to split test on your website called Zen Tester. With this programme, you can split test putting your prices up and not putting your prices up and seeing which one works best for you.

How Should I display my prices?

As I said before, best to display as:  from “$x”
Make your price stand out (don’t just lump it in with a whole bunch of text)
At the moment, 7 is a very favourable number… Having  your pricing ending in 7′s will help you to sell packages.

Some of you may not feel comfortable displaying from “x” pricing as you may feel it’s misleading if so, consider the following option as an alternate method:
Have 3 options and then a call to action (call me now to discuss which option would

work best for you)

What else should be on my pricing page?

Call to action: eg. Call now to discuss which option is best for you
Contact details: you want to make contacting you as easy as possible, don’t make them click anywhere else for this info put it right there in front of them.
Testimonials: are great to build value
Your point of difference (why choose you over somebody else)


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Photography Pricing Guide


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