Photography Website Analytics Comparison [Infographic]

Photography Website Analytics ComparisonPhotographers like to know where they stand compared to competition. This infographic outlines key metrics so so you can see what numbers are important to track, and how you stand up to other photography businesses similar to you. 100 photographers submitted anonymous data using Google Analytics metrics from January 2012 that showcase site traffic data, social media numbers, and advertising spend. Thanks to Tiffany Willett from On the Spot Studio for the design!

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Photography Website Analytics Comparison by Zach Prez

Average Site Metrics

Photographers with less than 5 years of experience can expect about 500 people per month to their website or blog. If you can convert 1% of those to new business, you’ll have 5 customers a month. Sounds reasonable, but you have less than 5 pages and less than 3 ½ minutes to convince them to hire you. Focus your website activities on quality visits with high time spent and lots of pages viewed, with clear paths to contacting you.

Unique Visitors: 532
Pages Per Visit: 4.56
Pageviews: 2,426
Time on Site: 3:21
Average Age of Site: 3 years

Unique Visitors Breakdown

Traffic by photography niche, showing wedding photography sites can expect more traffic on average than non-wedding sites.

Portrait: 428 visits per month
Commercial/Pet/Other: 532
Wedding: 773

Traffic by type of website, showing that blogs outperform standard websites, and photographers with a blogsite can expect the most traffic.

Website: 299
Blog: 648
Website plus Blog: 731

Takeaway: Blogs offer searchable/sharable pages that can lead to significant traffic

Average Bounce Rate

79%. A bounce is a visit to your site that results in a single page view (the visitor didn’t click anything). Nearly 8 out of 10 people to your webpage don’t click anything! We’re seeing large percentages of traffic from search engines, Facebook, and newsletters where visitors pop in and out quickly without needing to browse your website. It means all essential information needs to appear on every page, like contact information, testimonials, and stuff about you. Tip: create a “next step” action on every page telling the user what to click next whether it’s a link to “Book a session” or “You may also like [another article]”.

Breakdown by Traffic Source

Shows the value of search engines to a new business (an average of 130 visitors per month). Referral traffic is the portion of visitors who came from another website like Facebook, a friend’s site, or an online forum. The potential for new business via referral traffic is so large I spend the majority of my time engaging with websites that are not my own! Direct visitors include people from email newsletters, business cards, and bookmarks.

Search: 29%
Referral: 50%
Direct: 21%

Key Takeaway: Build your site or blog for those who don’t know you yet. Only a small portion of your visitors came directly because they already know who you are.

Load Time

A slow loading site is like a locked door to your business. Don’t turn away impatient visitors! Simple things like compressing images, deleting unused blog plugins, turning off music, and offering a mobile version of your site increase your ability to be viewed. Load time has become such an issue that Google now penalizes slow loading sites in search results.


An increasing percentage of the average photographer’s audience comes via mobile devices. Have you looked at your websites on mobile? Are you representing your business with mobile campaigns or a mobile-friendly experience?

Mobile: 15%
Traditional: 85%

Social Media

Who’s on Social Media? It’s no surprise that nearly every photographer has a business page, but we were interested to see photographers have flocked to Pinterest more than Twitter. Of course what matters most is which social media channel is used by the people you’re trying to reach.

Facebook: 96%
Twitter: 65%
Pinterest: 78%

Social Media Followers

How powerful is your social media following? The average photographer has…

Facebook: 679 Likes
Twitter: 322 Followers
Pinterest: 156 Followers

Average Monthly Visits from Social Media

Social media is only as powerful as the amount of exposure it brings. The number of followers cannot stand alone as a successful metric. Make sure to measure how much of that conversation is driven back to your website hub.

Facebook: 132 visits per month
Twitter:      8
Pinterest:     40

Online Advertising Budget

Google Ad Words: 10% spend here with $61 average monthly spend, $50 median
Facebook: 11% spend here with $80 average, $50 median
Other Online Advertising: 19% spend here with $83 average
Total Advertising: 32% spend $95 per month

Almost a third of photographers invest in online advertising. 30% spend for web advertising, 70% don’t

Monthly Visits with Advertising

The ones that do get significantly higher levels of web traffic.
730 Visits per month with Advertising
450 Visits without


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