Web-Based Sales Tactics When You Can’t Meet Face to Face

Many photographers target non-local or destination clients. We certainly do because they allow us to expand our creativity and shoot with a different canvas or backdrop often. They are often a higher-end clientele as well. It's awesome because we get more variety in our shots and the passion is continually fueled! When targeting destination clients, or working with clients remotely, a different set of rules apply when selling products and services through the computer than in person however. In … [Read more...]

Give Each of Your Clients a Custom App

We know mobile is hot. You say, how hot? Apple sold more mobile devices in one year (2011) than sold computers in 24 years (forever). More people access Facebook via mobile than desktop. From a business perspective mobile has tremendous word of mouth power. With word of mouth arguably as photographers #1 source of clients, mobile now seems to contain the largest opportunity for new business. Fortunately, Sticky Albums (affiliate) has a way to give each of your clients a custom app. … [Read more...]

Mobile Photography Websites – iPhone & iPad Tips

Mobile will be the #1 game changer for your photography website this year. You already know the importance of the mobile Internet and recognize that is presents either a huge opportunity or liability for your business. The opportunity is 46% of US consumers own a smartphone and 20% own a tablet. I did an informal analytics survey of photographers and found that 15% of photography website traffic comes via mobile devices. Either you can make your web content accessible to this audience or miss … [Read more...]

Double Your Photo Business in 2013 with 3 Online Strategies

It’s the half-year mark for 2012, it is time to start thinking about 2013! Strategizing ahead of time will give you a leg up on competition, expand your marketing budget and free you up for Christmas portrait season that is right around the corner. Frequent web updates like a weekly blog post, formal and informal incentives, and online networking through social media groups are some of the key ways to extend reach for your business. Learn how these strategies can double your business this year. … [Read more...]

Sharing Cool Products Can Earn You Money

Affiliate marketing is when you earn commissions on product sales you refer to another business. They're similar to the refer-a-friend programs your cable TV company uses that pay you $50 for people you sent their way. With Internet businesses, these referrals are much easier to generate through email newsletters and Facebook posts, and can have much higher payouts. This post explains how affiliate marketing works so you can take advantage of revenue-sharing products you already tell others … [Read more...]