4 Steps To Better Affiliate Marketing Using Video

Content marketing isn’t just about writing an article and calling it a day. It’s about sharing, interacting, engagement and really doing everything you possibly can to promote your content. Why do videos help conversions? When visiting a blog article when a video is embedded, there is usually a still image that shows. If that image is of a person, then it makes the article more personal and usually drives a reader to view the video. The personal touch helps to drive more clicks. … [Read more...]

3 Steps to a Better Photography Business

In business you are either moving forward or backwards, you cannot stand still. So, are you moving forward? And is it the right forward? Forward doesn't mean the same thing for each one of us. It may mean working more efficiently, writing up higher sales, creating a better experience, pushing your camera skills to new levels. Thrive Status! … [Read more...]

8 Networking Ideas To Generate Photography Clients

70% of our clients come from networking and building relationships with vendors. With all the competition out there, networking ensures a steady stream of new clients to reach your target number of bookings each year. It's not easy unless you know the right tricks. Most photographers spend years (and waste thousands) on the trial and error method of learning. This post offers networking tips for getting those referrals rolling in. … [Read more...]

How to Respond to Emails

How much time do you spend managing email on a weekly basis? I'm talking about responding to inquiries and answering questions related to your photography business. I think for all of us, any amount of time is too much. This post teaches strategies for moving tasks out of email, speeding up response, and how to answer emails. Everyone's goal is to get out of email quickly, so migrate people to your websites for Q&A. … [Read more...]

Beginner Photography Forums and 5 Tips for Getting Answers

An online photography forum is a great way to increase your peer network, especially for beginning photography businesses. Forums offer access to a pool of a few hundred (or perhaps thousand) photographers who are in a similar position with their photography and who can relate to the issues you face as a small business. Forums are great for collaboration, ideas, and getting specific questions answered. This post offers tips for getting answers. … [Read more...]