7 Tips to Improve User Experience in Photography Websites

What's the use of driving targeted traffic to your photography website only to have users bounce (fail to click) or leave unsatisfied? In this post we'll focus on the user experience, a powerful way to keep users engaged and happy when they interact with your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on getting visitors to your site by way of search engines. User experience (UX) focuses on keeping users engaged with the site once they land there. … [Read more...]

Factors to Consider when Designing your Photography Website

A website is one of the most powerful promotional tools any professional photographer can have. Not only does it allow you to publish your portfolio for people around the world to see. It also opens up the opportunity to receive feedback about your work and connect with others instantly. A well designed website can project professionalism, experience, and artistic vision. It can help you give a good first impression to new visitors and attract potential clients. But not all websites are created … [Read more...]

Clarity vs Creativity for Photographers

Photographers are creative people, I get that. I read an article this morning about Creativity vs. Clarity in Email Subject Lines and immediately knew the correct answer. Clarity always wins on the web. The idea of clarity is something I talk about consistently. It doesn't apply solely to email subject lines, but also website navigation, blog post headlines, product packages, and social media posts. Here's how to keep clear for your potential clients on the web... … [Read more...]

The Real Question You Need To Answer While Creating Your Photography Website

Creating a website that attracts clients can be frustrating and overwhelming. Your brain peppers itself with a thousand questions: What should I title my pages? What color should the background be? Where should I put my intro video? Should I write two bio paragraphs or one? Even though it seems like you have a thousand decisions to make, there's really only one at stake. And once that decision is made, your direction becomes clearer on all the other fronts. The question at hand is... … [Read more...]

Would You Sit Next To Your Website At A Party?

Think about the best conversationalists you know. No really, picture them in your mind. The people you want to sit next to at dinner, whose calls you always take, who make others feel comfortable and welcome. What do these people have in common? Do they talk a lot about themselves and dominate the airtime? Or do they spend a lot of time listening, too? Do they go on and on about their opinions? Or do they also ask you about yours? … [Read more...]