Why Site Speed is Important to Photography Sales

Our attention spans are shrinking by the millisecond? Yes, that's right. Sad, but true, people almost rarely read. They scan. Fact is, you are probably skimming through this very article. And that's fine. But do stick with me on this. I completely understand how excited you must be to share images with your clients and the world, but think again about how your site works from the client's perspective. … [Read more...]

4 Must Have Webpages for Any Photographer

As a photographer, you spend countless hours updating your website, blogging, and adding photos online. All that activity shows potential clients you do great work, but does not answer all the questions necessary to get them to hire you. While customers think about your awesome photos they may have unanswered questions preventing them from booking you right then and there. Don't miss these four essential pages that move customers from consideration to purchase. … [Read more...]

Mobile photography sites extend word of mouth

Word of mouth advertising has always been, and will continue to be, the most powerful factor in how new clients choose you. In his book Purple Cow, marketing expert Seth Godin explains something remarkable is "something worth making a remark about." Something has to really grab you so that you feel compelled to comment on it—to pass it on, to share it, to bring it to someone else's attention. … [Read more...]

Time is Money for Photography Sites

Andrew King’s Website Optimization says Google’s increase in page load time from 0.4 second to 0.9 seconds decreased traffic and ad revenues by 20%. For Amazon every 100 ms increase in load times decreased sales 1%. Time does mean money. … [Read more...]

Splash Page Marketing for Photographers

We begin with 3 definitions for a photographer's splash page: an introduction page to a website, a landing page connecting multiple websites or web pages together, or an HTML homepage residing in front of a Flash-based website for the purpose of better search ranking. A splash homepage typically gets more eyeballs (traffic) than any other page; therefore, key elements for any splash page include... … [Read more...]