Book More Photo Sessions with Better Contact Forms

Your site's contact form is your potential clients' gateway to booking you. A great contact form will leave users delighted and excited, eagerly anticipating your reply! A not-so-great contact form will leave users frustrated, disappointed and very unlikely to get in touch. So what can you do make sure these users turn into excellent-quality potential clients that are really likely to book you? … [Read more...]

Photography Blog Homepages Can Quickly Improve Load Time

Most photography blogs load slowly because the homepage displays up to 10 full length posts, each post with multiple large images. Imagine you're meeting with a potential client, and when they ask what types of photography you do, you wait 30 seconds before telling them an answer. Or you're showing off your work by flipping through a portfolio with a client and you pause 10 seconds before turning to the next page of the album. You can still get some sales, but most will leave in a hurry. … [Read more...]

Remove Clutter from Your Photography Website Design

Photography Web Marketing Guide talks about 7 essentials to web design to convert web traffic to new business. This post talks about clutter because it's one of my favorites. In my own house the kitchen piled with dishes, toys for 3 kids, and laundry overwhelms my wife on a daily basis. It didn't take me long to learn I could regain her attention and focus by removing the clutter. Your website should do the same for your users. … [Read more...]