Share Tweets with Style

Cool stuff is Tweeted all the time, but until now there has never been an easy way to get that great content onto your website. The latest version of WordPress has an easy way to pull an entire Tweet right into a blog post. It even looks awesome with the Twitter style, Reply, and Retweet buttons. This post shows you how to embed a Tweet into a WordPress blog post. … [Read more...]

Social Media Philosophy from the Most Social Photographer

Photography and social media superstar Trey Ratcliff is ranked #7 on Google Plus and #30 on Pinterest, with a following near that of Justin Bieber. He believes that sharing art, ideas, and information freely makes everything better. In this interview with my associate Frederick Van Johnson, he promotes my latest video course Essential Web Marketing for Photographers while giving insight to his social media philosophy. … [Read more...]

Facebook Groups for Past Photography Clients

Often times the best leads come from past clients. The clients that love you will sing your praises and make future sales much easier. Think about it. When a friend recommends a product or service to you, you trust them inherently. You're already pre-sold before even looking at the company website. This post talks about using Facebook Groups to remain top of mind with clients who are most likely to refer you new business. … [Read more...]