Beautiful Typography in Photography Websites

There’s no getting around it. Typography is a crucial element in website design. A well selected and utilized font can add a unique voice to any visual message. If typography is not carefully considered your website’s design work is not complete. The creative use of typography has the power to enhance any photography portfolio.

But what is it about typography that draws our attention? Typography is all about personality. Each font family has a voice. For example Comic Sans is playful and infantile. Arial and Helvetica are easy to read and universal. Times New Roman is sober and elegant. If you want to make your portfolio website shine you would do well to consider your font selection with as much care as your images.

So what’s a good rule of thumb for typographic selection? To start anything that diverts from the use of fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, and Verdana is OK in my book. These fonts are so widely used that they have become boring to look at. Different is good. Some principles to keep in mind are novelty, variety, contrast, size, hierarchy, and readability. To keep it interesting use at least two fonts in your website design. Make the font selection complementary, meaning that they don’t look similar but work well together. Use different sizes for titles and navigation to determine hierarchy. And always make sure the font is readable so the message is understood.

Here are ten photography websites from around web that get a golden star for excellent use of typography.

Christina Obrien Photography

Antonio Eugenio

Corey Arnold

Daniel Holland

Jessica Hilltout

Lena Sanz

Marek Musil

Neilson Photography

Nordica Photography

Sarah Sloboda

Typography is both an art and a science. Using it with taste makes any message more engaging and appealing. And even though a photographer’s main arsenal is pictorial, complementing images with tasteful typography will go a long way to making any portfolio website stand out.


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