Splash Page Marketing for Photographers

Splash Page MarketingWe begin with 3 definitions for a photographer’s splash page: an introduction page to a website, a landing page connecting multiple websites or web pages together, or an HTML
homepage residing in front of a Flash-based website for the purpose of better search ranking. A splash homepage typically gets more eyeballs (traffic) than any other page; therefore, key elements for any splash page include…

  1. Logo/branding
  2. Links to important web pages
  3. Contact information
  4. Information about yourself
  5. One or more great images
  6. Testimonials or awards/media/press
  7. HTML text for “findability” in search engines

When all seven items above present themselves on the splash page, you can be assured all visitors were exposed to who you are, why they should hire you, and how to contact you. Your customer will want answers to those questions before they pick up the phone to book a session!

The importance of splash pages is pretty universal. Here is what you had to say about them in my latest ebook, written exclusively for Design Aglow.

“The importance of a splash page? It’s never let me down! It’s played a key part in my SEO and is always, always, always worth the extra click. Make it pretty, have it as an extension of your brand, but just have one. It serves an important purpose!”
– Samantha Lerner, child photographer

“You want your first impression (splash page and/or homepage slideshow/header) to be stunning and then your galleries to seal the deal.”
– Amanda McGhee, maternity, birth and newborn photographer

“I think the splash page is one of the most important aspects of a website. You get seven seconds to create a first impression. You need to have images that wow the viewer. An effective way to do that is by framing your images, or changing the shape so that it’s
not just a plain square. I found my stitching and kraft paper on a digital scrap-booking site. Simple touch, but make a great impact of that first seven seconds.

For me, the design element of my theme ‘Freshly Pic’d Photography’ has been very successful. I still use my name as my main title so that people know who I am, but my theme sets me apart. It gives me a brand and people want to buy brands. The most important part that established my brand is my logo. By far a good logo is worth every penny.”
– Melanie Pittman, family and child photographer

Avenue 17 utilizes the quintessential splash page layout: logo at the top, images across the center, and informative text below.
Avenue 17 splash page marketing exampleAt first glance, this example looks like many other splash pages– perhaps just like yours. Achieving most of the seven key elements above sets it apart. We like Avenue 17’s clear connection points with email, Facebook, and Twitter icons as well as its “branding bullets” connecting users to the company’s style and strengths. These display as images for improved design, while search friendly text appears at the bottom of the page (not shown above).

I’m always looking for great examples of splash pages. If you utilize testimonials, a headshot of yourself, a “book a session” button, and SEO text – let me know using the comments below!


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