Video Attracts Perfect Photography Clients

Shannon Rosan's Steps for Using Photography VideoBy now most of us all have a bio section on our website, a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and blog. But I would argue none of these is as powerful at attracting the perfect client as a promotional video.

Videos Help People Relate to You as a Person

Because video is incredibly engaging by combining motion, compelling visuals and music that sets an immediate tone. It lets the viewer instantly know that YOU are the one that they want to book because and this is a biggie – They relate to you as a person. Or maybe they are completely repelled by what they see in the video. This my friend is good too. It filters out anyone who wouldn’t be a good fit in the first place saving you lots of valuable time, wasted energy and money.

My Story with Connecting through Video

I found that the very best photo shoots were with people who really connected with me as a person and vice versa. That sort of personal connection always ended up transforming the photo shoot from ordinary to something really special. Because we ‘got’ each other. So I took a risk and decided I had to make a video that reeked of my personality in hopes that it would attract people who liked me for me.

The result? Was beyond my wildest dreams

I got inquiries that had heartfelt notes attached and meetings with people that was like talking to my friends, we just ‘clicked.’

Below is a short list of tips that I used in creating my video.

KISS – Keep it Short & Simple

People’s attention spans are short these days and getting shorter. Keep your audience engaged and wanting more. The last thing you want to do is bore your audience and have them leave your website.

Plan Video Content in Advance

Having a very strong vision matched with a detailed list of how you want your video to feel is essential in helping your videographer create your perfect video. Don’t know where to start? Keep it simple and write down words that describe how you want your audience to feel about you. What really describes you as a person? Getting that foundation will spark the rest, i.e. locations, what to wear, etc.

Music Matters

Music is so powerful at setting a tone. Go back to the list you created of descriptive words and find tracks that match those feelings. Are you soft and emotional? Silly and quirky? Once you’ve nailed it down you can peruse the many royalty free music sites out there like, Triple Scoop Music.

Match Visuals to Your Photographic Style

Make sure your video is shot in a similar photographic style as your own. If your style is warm, soft, lifestyle type imagery make sure your video isn’t shot with a fast-paced, hard edged, commercial look. It will leave your audience with a disconnect. And that’s just a no-no.

Embed the Video in Your Website

Have your video embeded in your website rather than a url they need to click to view it on YouTube keeps your audience on your site which will lead them to contact you. You definitely don’t want them getting distracted and watching another cat video on YouTube as hilarious as those may be. I placed my video on my About Me page and linked from the bottom right of my homepage (screenshot below).

Example of embedded video on photography website

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make a video that will attract your dream client!


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  1. Jean-CharlesRenaud says

    Thanks for the tip Shannon. I’ve thought of doing this, but I’m always perceiving it as coming out cheesy. Any tips for avoiding that? I see you’ve managed to avoid the cheese…

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