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by Zach Prez, 60 page PDF – $29

Photography Web Marketing Guide teaches photographers how to optimize multiple aspects of an online business: websites, splash pages, search engines, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and emails.

Zach explains in simple terms how to quickly and easily get more web traffic and contact requests. Join hundreds of photographers who love this ebook. Updated March 2012. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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I read this eBook with my iPad in one hand and my laptop in the other, changing everything about my website as I was reading. I had no idea about all the things I was doing wrong and I’d still be lost in my ignorance if it hadn’t been for the eBook! – Elizabeth Halford, elizabethhalford.com


Photography Blog Success - Strategic Handbook for Growth and Salesby Zach Prez & Lara Swanson, 60 pages – $29

Photography Blog Success dives deep on blogging and WordPress optimization to help you write effectively, utilize search engines, and turn readers into clients.

If you struggle to blog or want a professional’s advice on how to setup your blog properly for marketing, this guide is for you.

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Testimonial by Laura Thomas, Lightroom PresetsI highly recommend this e-book to everyone who wants to run a successful blog. This was the best investment I made for my business. – Laura Thomas, lightroompresets.com


Zach Prez & Wendy Roe, 70 pages – $29

55 Smart Ideas for Photographers helps photographers who confident with their websites and social media and need quick-growth marketing strategy.

With one key idea and takeaway per page, uncover ten Facebook ideas, thirteen blog tips, eleven Google strategies, nine pieces of email marketing advice, and thirteen additional suggestions to capture traffic and sales.

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Michael CorsentinoEvery photographer needs this! These instant-success strategies will save you hours of work and make sites and social media a magnet for new business.” – Michael Corsentino, corsentinophotography.com

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Photography Video SeriesZach Prez & Frederick Van Johnson, 50 videos – $147

Barriers for sharing your work have fallen dramatically. If you’re running a photography business, how do you make your site visible via search and social? How do you convert those viewers into friends, likes and customers? Introducing Essential Web Marketing for Photographers. This is an on demand online course consisting of over 50 instructional videos designed to get you more traffic and sales through your websites and social media pages. This course is designed to give photographers an unfair advantage over their competition.

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This is the one-two punch for photographers looking to smartly market themselves. – Trey Ratcliff of StuckinCustoms.com


Jenika McDavitt, 87 pages – $147

As a photographer, marketer, and psychologist, Jenika’s insight into how clients use photography websites will transform the way you think about your web presence.

This workshop in e-book form will teach you how to build a photography website that markets for you and brings in the clients you most want to work with. A special guest chapter from Kristen Kalp walks you through how to write juicy web copy that gets people to take action.

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Zach PrezThis must have ebook has the quality and depth of a full-blown workshop. Jenika’s strategy for capturing clients online is a necessary first step for any photography website.” – Zach Prez


Tofurious, 126 pages – $89

“Found” is simple, yet adequately detailed. Learn the why. Do the how. Your competitors will learn this. You need to know this. Dominate the web today!

This ebook breaks everything down into simple step-by-step tutorials, includes illustrated screenshots and gives various examples (e.g., for wedding, portrait, pet and other photographers)

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Dane SandersIt opened up possibilities in really understandable language as to what I can do to really make massive jumps in terms of people searching for me in a way that was ethical and reputable.”
– Dane Sanders, Fast Track Photographer


Jamie Swanson & Jennifer Brindley, 173 pages – $147

The Go-to-Guide for Client Emails offers over 100 customizable responses for as many situations as we could think of. Learn how to respond how to difficult email questions and avoid these situations in the future.

This ebook will give you the tools you need to have a stress-free business with clients who can’t stop raving about you. Get specific step-by-step instructions to respond with confidence.

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