55 Smart Web Ideas for Photographers Ebook

Smart Web Ideas ebook for photographersGet dozens of quick ideas for growth in this 70 page ebook. With one key idea and takeaway per page, uncover twelve Facebook ideas, thirteen blog tips, eleven Google strategies, nine pieces of email marketing advice, and thirteen additional suggestions to capture traffic and sales.

It is easy to digest and implement with one key takeaway per page. Perfect for photographers confident with their websites and social media. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Lara White“Zach and Wendy break down technical issues into easy to understand, actionable tips. If you are looking to supercharge your online presence without all the technical jargon – this is a great guide. You’ll easily get your money’s worth from just a few tips, but taken together, your online presence will likely shoot to the top of the list.” – Lara White, founder of PhotoMint.com

Effective practices outlined in this book:

  1. Optimize and engage your Facebook Page to WOW potential clients and generate dialogue, loyalty and traffic.
  2. Make your blog a traffic magnet by highlighting vendors, naming posts correctly and encouraging comments.
  3. See a site through Google’s eyes and learn what factors lead to a quality rank.
  4. Create an expanding email list to communicate with subscribers about specials, exciting work, new products, industry trends and helpful resources.
  5. Point all marketing to a web hub where you control the branding, content, and engagement.

sample ebook pages: pinterest, load time, seo

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes

Most clients need common questions answered before they purchase. They want to know who recommends you, what experience you have, how much your services cost, and if they’ll be comfortable working with you. A goal of your web marketing is to answer the questions your clients want to ask.

We teach you how to answer the basic marketing questions which leads to more contact requests for your services.

Web marketing is working when the phone rings

A number one Google rank and thousands of Facebook followers don’t translate to booming business. Those starting points for traffic still need to convert potential clients into customers who make contact and book a session. It’s about getting more traffic across your entire web presence and driving those visitors to contact you for a potential sale opportunity.

Our marketing ideas help drive traffic to your websites, and turn that traffic into phone calls.

Learn from photography leaders

We included tips from some of the top photographers and marketers in the industry including Kevin Kubota, Andrew Funderburg, Jules Bianchi, Jared Bauman, Seshu, Michael Corsentino, Mike Rheaume, Leah Remillet, Khara Plicanic, and Marty Thornley.

The photography industries top contributors

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Wendy RoeCo-author Wendy Roe spent the last 10 years ingrained in all things web marketing—from design and development to search and social media. She now focuses her time on business development and as a second shooter for Byron Roe Photography while speaking, mentoring photographers build the most of web marketing. Join her at an upcoming PUG event, at WPPI for her 2012 workshop or at Image Explorations in Vancouver, BC.  Like Wendy | Tweet Wendy


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