Photography Web Marketing Guide

This 60 page PDF teaches photographers how to get more business from their websites. Perfect for photographers struggling to get traffic from search engines, or connections in social media.

Learn in simple terms how to quickly and easily get more web traffic and contact requests. Join hundreds of photographers who love this ebook. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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SeshuI love your new ebook because it is chalk full of great information that photographers can put to immediate use. Lucidly written, with a variety of examples that one can easily learn from, this ebook is set to elevate photography businesses across the world. – Seshu, Wedding Photographer

Updated in March 2012 with 20 new pages of content including how-to use Facebook Timelines, Pinterest, and Google AdWords. Photography Web Marketing Guide offers 60 pages of business building recommendations to grow your online presence through search engines, social media, and email newsletters. It shows you how to take that traffic and increase the number of clients who contact you by focusing on simple design updates and conversion tactics. This should be your first step in building an online photography business!


  • How to get more website visitors to call you
  • Ways to find search-friendly keywords and get popular sites to link to yours
  • How to optimize your homepage and blog posts for Google
  • How to take advantage of your email list
  • How to optimize for Facebook Timelines, Pinterest marketing, and Twitter
Jamie SwansonThe Photography Web Marketing Guide should be required reading for anyone who has a business website online. It explains the four main cornerstones of internet marketing that are necessary for helping you get more clients. Definitely buy a copy! – Jamie Swanson, The Modern Tog
These ebooks are a must read for photographers trying to navigate the currents of social media today. – Jack Hollingsworth, Photographer and Speaker

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