Hosting Photography Events

Want to learn about hosting photography events? Contact me about my coaching packages.

Nowadays, hosting a photography workshop is a great way to grow your business.


This video and post will be focusing on the types and benefits of hosting a photography event. There are various type of events you could host for your photography business, which include:



1. Bride/couples information night for weddings

2. Playgroup for kids  – to promote portrait photography

3. Photography classes

4. Photography tour of the city

5. Creative photography tour

6. Course on how to edit images


hosting photography events

A banner from hosting my photography event


There are a lot of benefits of hosting an event


1. Builds your authority in the industry

2. Adds value to your potential clients

3. Enables you to connect with others within your industry

4. Great opportunity to meet a number of potential clients at once



Did you know that?


Events don’t have to be live!

You can also host webinars to sell a video training package and achieve a similar result.

The downside is often you can’t charge as much for video training and webinar events as you can for live events.



Do you want to know more about how to market your event?


Look out for next week’s video – we will be dissecting how I marketed my event and got an attendance rate of 30 + people for my first live event.
If you want to know more about hosting photography events – Contact me about my coaching packages.


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