Marketing a Photography Event


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Last week, I spoke of hosting your very own photography event,  

This week, as promised, I will share free advice on how to market your photography event!  

There are a few key steps you will need to do, in order to successfully market your event, and achieve a high attendance rate, just like I did, these include:

1. A Landing Page: Use a green screen and a camera to create your video; ensure you include an opt-in box (use mail chimp to create the codes for this); then send your video and opt-in box to Fiver, who will quickly and with little expenses, create your landing page.

2. Meetups: Promote your landing page (your registration page for your event) through meetup. Here you can create events and groups for your event. Key Tool: Promote a FREE event for higher attendance rate.

3. Facebook Advertising: Create a Facebook event,and promote this about a month prior to your events date.

Remember… hosting a free event is a great way to achieve a high attendance rate and to build future relationships with your clients, in order to promote your paid event and products!

If you want to know more about marketing a photography event – Contact me about my coaching packages.


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