Photography Marketing with Google Testimonials

Marketing with TestimonialsClient testimonials are one of the most powerful statements for your marketing.  In a world of personal sharing, when another friend says that you are the best in your area for photography, it speaks volumes.  Clients are typically ready and willing to share their experience and create a testimonial but often don’t get asked or don’t know where to put it.  Here’s a quick guide to the process of gathering testimonials, where it is of most value in your web marketing and the best way to utilize them.

Just Ask
9 times out of 10, clients just need to be asked for a testimonial.  Don’t be afraid to put it out there and share with them how valuable it is to your growing business and how beneficial it will be for future brides/clients looking for your services.  Here’s some tips:

How To:
1) Give them instructions:
“We’re looking for 1-2 short sentences you would be willing to share with our future brides on your experience working with us.”

2) Give them an incentive:
“If you would be willing to share, we would love to offer a thank you 8 x 10 print of your favorite session image as a way of expressing our gratitude.”

3) Give them a place to write the review:
“The best place to share your review is on Google Places (or enter location here).  We have a business page that would be perfect.  Here’s the direct link: (copy and paste the link).”

We like to spread our reviews around to the places that Google pays particular attention to and other web traffic visit such as: Yelp, Wedding Wire, Judy’s book, Citysearch, OneWed, WeddingBee, ProjectWedding – just to name a few.  The important thing is that the review is posted by the client online on a popular third-party FIRST or on their post on your blog.  Blog comments are mini-testimonials to deserve attention as well!  As a disclaimer, you need a Google account to post on Google places so letting you clients know this is super helpful.

Google Places Search Review Example

Once the review is posted, you can grab it and repost it on your Facebook business page (heck, while you’re at it you can tag them!) and scatter them throughout your website.  Be sure to include the name and location of the couple to add credibility and only change spelling/editing of the review if needed, not the content.  Potential clients won’t click on a dedicated ‘testimonial page’ but will read them if they are intermixed with content on your website.

Final Takeaway: Client testimonials are powerful for your web marketing and Google LOVES them so don’t be afraid to ask for them.  Why not have clients create them in a place that will count toward your search marketing as well – it’s a no brainer.


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  1. bethanygilbert says

    Thanks for a great post, Wendy. It is a great reminder to take a few minutes to do this.

    I think one of your points could really be expanded on. Most photographers (myself included, on my current site) use a single “raves/reviews/testimonials” page to display reviews on our websites. I think we could drastically increase conversions by posting relevant testimonials throughout our site. For instance – a review mentioning that the photos are well worth the price – displayed on your pricing page.

  2. Wendy Roe says

    @bethanygilbert Awesome comment Bethany and I couldn’t agree more! Once they are online in the places that count, we reuse them on our website, brochure and on Facebook and scatter them throughout the site.

    Great idea about the ‘value’ quote on the ‘pricing’ page.



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