How Photographers Should Setup the All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO KeyboardSince titles and descriptions show in search results pages they are essential for SEO – you just need to know how to update them. The All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress blogs because it allows you to control the title and description of each blog page or post.

After installing All in One SEO Pack on your WordPress blog it is easy to access the fields for title and description at the bottom of each page or post in edit mode. What you put in these two fields is what will show in Google search results.

Photographer Settings for All in One SEO Post

No need for a long list of keywords. Google ignores them, so don’t waste time adding any more than just one (if you just feel naked without anything).

You also want to update the title and description for your blog which can be done from your left navigation under Settings > All in One SEO. While you are there take the time to configure the plugin as shown below.

All in One Settings for Photographers

All other boxes like “Use Categories for META keywords” should remain unchecked.

You may notice I changed the title format to remove | %blog_title% because I don’t want the name of my blog to appear on every page and post. Doing that exposes site-level keywords to Google when the pages and posts are trying to rank for phrases much more specific. You’ll have to trust me on this one. The category title format uses the category name (baby, newborns, family, etc) followed by some universal SEO text. In the above case I will have a category page with a title of Newborns Photography Posts from Sacramento. Perfect!


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  1. kellyn says

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve had All in One set up on my blog for ages, but never had figured out how to use it on a regular basis. Does it make sense to go back and update past posts to improve rankings? Or should I just go forward with this method?

  2. Jose Roces says

    Hi Zach, Thank you for the tips. Are you recommending to remove ALL of this ( | %blog_title% ) to all the boxes or just for Post Title Format and Page Title Format?


  3. MeaganKunert says

    Hey Zach. I just installed this on my site and was wondering how long it takes for it to be “effective”?

    On my blog posts, I have always titled them something like “City, State Wedding Photographer” – do I need to stop doing that?

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