Perfect Permalink Setup for Photography Blog URLs

Perfect Photography URLsWordPress is a type of blog particularly helpful in search ranking for photographers. Why? It is easier to rank blog posts that have searchable keywords in the URL and WordPress lets you modify the way URLs are generated. If you have a WordPress blog, click on one of your posts and look at the URL. If it shows you need to change settings in order to leverage keywords in the URL.
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Default URLs for WordPress blogs omit keywords, and use a number for each post like p=123. You can tell it to replace p=123 with keywords from the name of your post. For example a post called “Cool Sacramento Portrait Sessions” can have a URL like cool-sacramento-portrait-sessions.

On the left menu in WordPress, click Settings then Permalinks and choose one of the three sturcutres below (the third one uses your posts’s assigned Category in the URL as well). This action changes every URL for your entire blog (it may break links), but we still recommend it to be searchable in the future.

How to get photography keywords into WordPress URLs

My blog uses the last option above (custom structure), and that is what I recommend for photographers. It incorporates the category of each post in the URL. For example this post has /seo in the URL because it falls within my SEO category. Imagine a baby photographer who has a baby category with 10 post, a child category with 5 posts, and a newborn category with 20 posts. Google instantly knows how many posts you have in each category (by crawling the links that connect your pages together) and gains an incredible amount of topical information about your site. Search engines and users gain tons of info about each post because they can see /baby, /child, and /newborn in the URL (the same way you instantly know a site is a blog when you see /blog in the URL).

Takeaway: Update WordPress settings to use keyword-rich URLs instead of nonsearchable
numeric ones.

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