How Photographers Connect Facebook to WordPress

Tag Facebook friends, clients, and Pages in your photoblogYour photography blog should attract the lion’s share of your traffic. Why? Each individual page, post, and image can be found in search, pinned to Pinterest, and most importantly Liked on Facebook. Until last week, WordPress and Facebook worked independently, causing photographers to have to do everything twice to get their blog content into Facebook or drive friends from Facebook back to the blog. Not any longer! A new plug-in allows photographers to tag clients from the blog.

This video tutorial shows features and settings of the Facebook for WordPress plug-in.

Using the WordPress easy install route go to Plugins (from the left side of your blog control panel) then choose Add New. Search for “facebook for wordpress” – keep the quotes in your search otherwise you’ll get a long list of confusing plugins to choose from. Click the Install now. If you’re installing the plug-in via FTP, you can download directly from the App page.

Search "Facebook for WordPress" in your plug-ins area

Activating the plug-in will add a Facebook link to the left side of your WordPress control panel where you can configure the settings. You’ll need to create an App in Facebook that gives Facebook and WordPress permission to communicate.

Application Settings Photographers Should Use

After pasting the Facebook App ID and App Secret into the WordPress plug-in settings, you can customize which features you want. I only selected  Social Publisher:

Settings for getting blog posts onto Facebook

After adding Social Publisher, fields will be added to the edit area of your blog posts. Here are the four fields to choose from…

Mention Facebook Pages

How to Mention Facebook PagesAllows you to “tag” a Facebook page in your blog post. You can tag any page, even if you haven’t liked it. So if you mention The Modern Tog or Photo Mint because they have cool advice for photographers, it will appear at the bottom of your blog post and on their Fan Pages for everyone to see. You can customize the message for their pages at the same time. Note: The only way to change/remove who is mentioned is to save the post as a draft and then re-publish.

Mention Facebook Friends

How to Mention Photography ClientsAllows you to “tag” a friend in your blog post. You can tag a potential client or partner so it appears in their Facebook account that all their friends can see. Then they can easily share your blog post with their friends and family without having to email it. Woohoo! No longer do you have to create a separate Facebook status. Note: the blog post name appears automatically so you don’t need to repeat that in your message.

Facebook Status on Your Timeline

…But you can create a status message about your post. The coolest part is you don’t have to open Facebook to do it. Add your blog post straight to your timeline (your personal Facebook profile) by typing a custom status update directly from your blog post edit page. This makes it so much easier to push your blog through Facebook.

One caution – I like to upload large photos from the post to Facebook then add a link to the post in the image description. That way I get a nice 404×404 pixel image to represent the post on my Timeline. Automated posting with this plug-in only shows a thumbnail photo with link (still cool).

Facebook status on your personal profile timeline

Facebook Status on Your Page

Same as above, but for your business page. Post a status message about your blog post directly to the page without leaving WordPress.

How to status update on your Photography business page

More Features

I think we will quickly see the number of downloads to this plug-in to be in the millions (I was the 11,933rd person) so I’d expect future updates. Here are some other features currently available:

Photo Credit: Spirit Children’s Photography

How dos this impact your photography business? Will you start tagging celebrities? How often will you mention clients?


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  1. JamieMSwanson says

    Zach, I currently use a different fb comments plugin – any chance you know if I can transfer my old comments to the new system if I switch over? That’d be the only thing that would hold me back, as FB comments rock bigtime. 🙂

    • says

       @JamieMSwanson Of course you give me the hard questions Jamie! I’d ask at the plugin support forum at I asked a question and one of the plugin authors answered it within minutes.Or do like I do and keep your current comments functionality (I use Livefyre) and only use this new plugin for the mentions feature (social publisher).

  2. agonybliss says

    Just an fyi..putting in “facebook for wordpress” brought up a string of items while just entering facebook brught it up as the first option for me.

  3. JoyMcCambridge says

    Just an fyi..putting in “facebook for wordpress” brought up a string of items while just entering facebook brught it up as the first option for me.

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