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How to get photography business referrals via Facebook GroupsOften times the best leads come from past clients. The clients that love you will sing your praises and make future sales much easier. Think about it. When a friend recommends a product or service to you, you trust them inherently. You’re already pre-sold before even looking at the company website. This post talks about using Facebook Groups to remain top of mind with clients who are most likely to refer you new business.

Creating a Client Facebook Group

One way we’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with our clients is through a private Facebook group: Byron Roe Photography – Clients For Life. All of our premium level clients are added to this group where we can market, share news, communicate with, and keep our brand top of mind.

The Facebook Group is a perfect place for us to communicate specials, holidays announcements, and referral incentives. Our goal is to turn wedding clients into portrait clients down the road (maternity, newborn, family reunion, boudoir, senior). We’re surprised at how often past clients request a session after being exposed to the group.

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Using the Group, we validate and acknowledge our valued clients. For example congratulating them on their anniversary or new baby. This positive communication gets noticed by the client, but also other clients in the group who often create bonds of their own.

The Value of Creating a Client Facebook Group - Ex1

These posts increase visibility to your best clientele and the more they see you, the better chance you have to get referred. If 80% of your income comes from 20% of your clients, a Group is the perfect place to talk with and honor that valuable segment. From that 20%, you can cultivate leads that are perfectly targeted for your business.

Getting Started

In your home news feed, there’s several topics on the left column to choose from, one of them lists your Groups that you belong to and at the bottom of that is an option to Create Group. Add your group name and add members (your best clients) that you are already connected with personally on Facebook.

Helpful tips when setting up your group:

  • Tell clients you plan to add them – nobody likes to be added to a group without being informed
  • Update the group’s security to Secret, which makes the group fully private.

What to Post in the Group

Start with a welcome and purpose statement from the group and ask questions from your clients, for example “Where are you now?” You’d be amazed at where clients live around the world, how many babies they have, what they did for their most recent anniversary, etc.

Create galleries of different work you’ve done with past clients. We have galleries for: Maternity, Baby, Family, Boudoir, Anniversary. Each gallery begins with 5 of favorites.

Post a discount. Make group members feel extra special by offering a deal. The goal is to get them in the door for a session then expand from there.

Offer canvas and large wall art prints on photos from a past session that they didn’t buy the first time around. Perhaps they have more budget now, or wall space for more photos.

Post your latest wedding brochure, showcase your new images and ask for referrals or reveal a referral program!

How Often to Post

Try to post at least weekly, otherwise the group will quickly go stale.

Align additional posts with your marketing calendar. Since we’re pretty booked during the summer, we post more often to the group in the fall with holiday gift specials. We target the group for referrals towards the beginning of the year when their friends just got engaged. Like any Facebook page or your blog, keep a regular schedule that’s manageable for your company.

We found Facebook Groups maintained our personal connections with past clients while growing our business at the same time. It continues to be an easy way to keep up with our clients and their life changes. With over 90% of our clients on Facebook, it’s the perfect place to connect with them.

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  1. Feuza says

    I am not a huge fan of this because , I think this is what newsletters are for, perhaps it is where I live East Coast, I have seen one vendor do this and I was added and it is very all about me me and me and not much about the client, overall this is how I feel about Facebook, so question to Wendy would be how do you make it like its not oh look at what I am doing type of thing?

  2. says

    I agree with @Feuza on this one.  I think there is a place for client specific content, but not sure Facebook is ideal.  I think having either a Facebook page or group specific to the overall business and an email list specific to clients is a better strategy.  Once you’ve built the relationship with the client, they would not be surprised to see emails from you on a regular basis.  You also have the ability to tailor emails based on the session.

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