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Linkedin For Photographers , What are the benefits?

Linkedin is becoming a game changer. With more and more professionals looking at Linkedin and using it as a tool for making professional connections, you don’t want to get left behind.


Linkedin now has of 200 million members, nothing to sneeze at and certainly nothing to ignore.

Now you might be thinking to yourself…. but I am a business to consumer provider not a business to business provider. How can linkedin really help generate more business?


Here are 3 tips on how you can use Linkedin to your advantage:

1. Professional Headshots

Linkedin is a great way to make connections with big businesses, if you’re after a contract with a large company for professional headshots, linkedin could open that door for you. I would recommend to connect with the HR person or the marketing person of large companies to ask if they want to organize a headshot package, or a professional photography package.

Make sure you stay in touch with these connections, don’t just ask once and let them drop off, maybe once you have a few of these connections you can create a “business” marketing group in your email database. That way you can create a personal “business photography”  newsletter and push that out once a month.

2. Join Groups and Make connections

Connect with businesses and individuals in your industry… there are great groups for making wonderful connections in your industries… some of these include:


Business of Brides

New Baby and Childrens Products

Linkedin For Photographers

Linkedin for Photographers is great if you are looking for business shooting professional headshots.

Have a look through groups… input keywords that match your services you can use things like “weddings or brides” or whatever industries your photography encompasses. You simply type this up in the search bar at the top and it will give you results, including suggested groups.

Once you have found some groups… you can start answering questions and posting comments. It also gives you access to everyone in the group as a “second” connection. This opens the door for opportunities to search through groups and see if you can find someone appropriate to meet. It’s a perfect way to get connected with the people you need to talk to and opportunities may even start opening up Joint Ventures.


For example: in the “business of brides” group you might connect with a wedding planner and decide to do a joint venture promotion where she promotes your services to her clients and you promote her services to yours.

3. Use Linkedin as a personal portfolio

Make sure your profile is fully complete, include some of your photography images and projects get some of your clients to leave testimonials and recommendations. Get your industry contacts and colleagues to leave recommendations and endorse you for your skills. A full linkedin profile is very impressive social proof. Use it as just that “very impressive social proof”


That’s it for this week, if you need any help finding and choosing groups to join, completing your Linkedin profile or creating a Linkedin marketing strategy contact me to discuss.

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