Facebook Timeline Photo Sizes for Photographers [Video]

Facebook Timeline Photo Sizes for PhotographersPhotography business pages on Facebook will be forced to upgrade to the new Timeline layout for Facebook on March 30. Don’t miss some cool things you can do to customize your page with your photography such as a cover image, milestone image, blog post photo, and custom images for Facebook tabs.
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After reading Everything You Need to Know About Timeline for Facebook Pages, I was impressed at how much customization photographers can do on Facebook using their images. Rather than repeat the same blog post that Jamie wrote, I decided to create a video so you can see how easy these updates can be. My new Timeline is up and running in less than 5 minutes!

Cover Photo 851×315

Since we can no longer use a default Welcome Page to showcase our businesses, the Cover Photo is the first thing users will see on your page. I got a little creative with design help from Tiffany Willet at On The Spot Studio to make a 851×315 pixel image to tell a little about my business without breaking any of the many rules set forth in Facebook’s new Terms and Conditions.

If you need help with your cover image, contact Tiffany.

Profile Photo 126×126

At 126×126 pixels this photo lies slightly on top of the cover photo, and is used as the avatar next to your status updates or comments on other people’s walls. Make sure you represent your brand with this photo using a logo or headshot of yourself.

Milestone Photo 843×403

Milestones are big events to document as a part of your business history. These will be highlighted on the right side of your Business Page using the date of the milestone. Create a handful of 843×403 pixel images to showcase some of the major things that have happened to your business through the years. This may be when you started your business, opened a studio, won a contest, or were featured on a major site. You can look at my timeline in March 2012 to see an example I used to showcase the fact that my blog was named one of the top blogs to follow in 2012.

Facebook Tab Photos 111×74

Tabs have moved from the left side of your Facebook page to just below the cover photo, and are now represented as 111×74 pixel images that you can customize for each tab. Your first two tabs will be visible on the page without clicking – I would not expect much traction with more than two tabs. Consider having a tab for a Welcome Offer and perhaps an Email/Subscription signup.

Blog Posts Photos 404×404

Next time you want to link to your latest blog post as a status update, upload a photo from the blog then add a link to the post. It looks much better than letting Facebook add a thumbnail photo to your status.

You can also use the little star in the top corner of the status update to make the post span the full width of your page. Or the pencil icon in the top corner of a status update to “Pin” the post to the top of your wall for seven days, making it more visible.


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  1. misskitty_79 says

    Any idea what the exact dims are for group cover photos? I tried using the cover photo dims & it’s not quite the right ratio! :/

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