Get a Short Facebook URL for Photography Pages in 60 Seconds

Grab a short Facebook name for your photo page or profileHey photographers, you need short Facebook URLs in order to promote a memorable Facebook page for your photography business and be easily found in Google or Facebook searches. I’m talking about taking a very long and reducing it down to Wow – now you can spell out that URL on your website and in email signatures.

You can change your Facebook URL for fan pages (called an Alias) and for personal profiles (called a username).

How to Create a Facebook Alias for Pages

  1. Click Account / Use Facebook as a Page (Top right of page)
  2. Click Edit Page (top right)
  3. Click Basic Information (left navigation)
  4. Edit the Username section (in the middle)


  1. Click Account / Use Facebook as a Page (Top right of page)
  2. Click Edit Page (top right)
  3. Click Marketing (left navigation)
  4. Create Alias (in the middle)

How to create a Facebook alias for photography page URLs

Helpful notes about page usernames:

Your page needs at least 25 fans to have a username

You cannot change your Facebook alias once it is created so make sure you’ve spelled everything correctly and are logged in with the proper profile (if you have multiple).

How to Update a Facebook Username for Profiles

  1. Click on Account (top right)
  2. Click Account Settings (from the dropdown)
  3. Under Username click Change

Screenshot for updating Facebook username for photographer profiles

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I know this short URL will be a big win for your overall brand. If you found this helpful, let me know in the comments.


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