6 Ways to Save Time When Managing Your Photography Website

Juggling life and a business isn’t easy and finding the time to manage your photography blog/website is generally the biggest challenge most people face when they have their own photography business. On the other hand, it can also be difficult to find cost effective ways to save time. Often getting a web developer can cost thousands and hiring another staff member is just right out of your budget. I run 2 websites and I am often looking for ways to shortcut and save time. In this post I will share with you 6 of my favourite time saving strategies. More importantly, you will also find that they are all extremely affordable.


0:46 Stop wasting time with HTML
1:58 Writing content is time consuming
2:58 Save blog post and content ideas with this fantastic free software
4:11  Get tasks done for $5
5:19 Schedule your social media to save time


0:46 Stop wasting time with HTML

Can you relate to this?? I am sure you can, I know I can!

Get a HTML coder to save time on your photography website and avoid frustrations like this….


1. Get help with HTML – outsource, outsource ,outsource!

For your average person, HTML is gobbledegook and trying to learn it can be frustrating and time consuming, additionally if you don’t know what your doing you have the potential to make som serious changes to your website that could leave it in a permanent state of disarray. If you’re on a tight budget or just really want to learn the HTML code yourself, one tip I have to all inexperienced html coders is SAVE A COPY OF YOUR PAGE BEFORE YOU START. To do this you just simply copy and paste the “HTML” copy from your post/page into a text file (that is save it into notepad on PC and Text Edit on mac). Alternatively for a small cost, it’s really beneficial to hire a HTML coder. IF you haven’t already I would recommend to check out odesk or elance.com This is a great platform for hiring contractors and there are many experts here to choose from. You can easily find someone to help you with your HTML, and often for a very reasonable price.

1:58 Writing content is time consuming…

2. Open up your blog space to guest contributors

Blog posts are by far the most time consuming thing you will do on your website. The idea of writing a post is extremely daunting to those who are inexperienced. I remember, by the time I had finished writing my first post and working out all the HTML code, it had taken me almost all day. Opening up your blog space to guest contributors is a fantastic way to save time, and best of all, it’s completely free. Create a “write for us” tab or section on your blog, the number of guest post requests you receive will depend greatly on the number of page views your website receives each month. But it’s highly likely that you’ll be surprised how many requests you get for guest submissions. If you have a wordpress site you have the option to add users under the users section down the left hand hand side. It’s important you add them as a “contributor” because that enables you to proof their post before it goes live on your site.

2:58 Save blog post and content ideas with this fantastic free software…

3. Get Evernote
Do you know what you want to say? If you do, then it’s easy, just talk and get someone else to do the typing. If you struggle to think of ideas, make sure you get evernote. Evernote has the capacity to be able to save web clippings, make an audio note, insert text files and pictures so you can save just about anything you think will help you to write the post when the time comes. Another great way to get ideas for blog posting is through your clients and the questions they ask you. When a client asks you a question, 9 times out of 10 there will be someone else out there who wants to know the same thing, so by creating content on this topic it will be generating useful and relevant information for your niche which will spurr people to like, comment and share, which is what we want.

  Get tasks done for $5

4.  Check out fiverr.com

Got a task that needs doing but just don’t quite know how to do it? Need something edited or published? Fiverr.com is a great place to check out if you have a task that requires a substantial amount of your time. You can pay someone just $5 to get your task completed! Now obviously, it doesn’t cover everything, although if you have a larger task, you can ask someone to negotiate a higher price. Just have a browse… you will laugh and be amazed at what people will do for $5.

 5. Try Video blogging and get someone to transcribe it

We all know we can speak faster than we can write and what you really need to think about when your time poor is: how much is your time worth? Try video blogging and get someone for around $5.50 an hour to transcribe your blog posts for you. Again Odesk will have the answer here. Alternatively, you can transcribe it yourself. Just one video blog can be shared on so many different channels, youtube, facebook, your blog, etc.


5:19 Schedule your social media to save time

6. Schedule your blog posts & facebook posts

It is possible to schedule both your blog posts and your facebook posts. By writing a bunch of posts and uploading photos together, it saves you an enormous amount of time, and frees you up to concentrate on other areas of your business. If you run a wordpress website, you will be able to see the publish box on the right hand side when you go to add a new post – it will say “publish immediately” if you click edit you can change this to publish your post at whatever time you like. I use this feature all the time because I am in Australian and in a different timezone to the majority of my audience. On my site machoarts I often do several posts a week, and it’s much more convenient to stagger the scheduling of the posts.

Additionally, if you haven’t heard of it already, I highly recommend hootsuite. Hootsuite is a fantastic (free) program that allows you to schedule and stagger your social media posts, freeing up your time to work on other important things in your business.

I currently manage 2 website’s, study full time at university and have a full time job so I am always looking for new ways to save time with my websites. If you know of any, please add them in the comments section below to share.


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