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  1. I have a slow photography business. I am always concerned about my facebook page being slow and fans probably may not like it… I always think that my posts have to be ONLY about photography. I guess Alex’s style is something I can relate to and I will use some tips from there to get my fans more engaging. Would have loved to know how it was when Alex and Keri started out when they had few clients..

    What did you do to attract more clients?

    How often and how much did you spend on Facebook ads?

    Thanks for some very useful tips..

  2. hey there…to answer some of these questions,– it’s all about connections. Stick your hand in any cookie jar you can– whether that be your hair stylist, old classmates, your mom’s church friends, your children friends parents, school functions, charities, and anything you can strike up a conversation with to people. Pass your card out with your FB page link on it! There are connections all over the place, now discover them. It has NOTHING to do with talent or professional or even your level in the business, but how well you can relate with people, how you can connect, and create a community on your page! Talk about anythng with your fans, after all we are all humans with like- interests. It will create a really nice “go to” spot where people really start enjoying what you have to ask, say, post, and gab about!

  3. @AlexandraMicheleDovel Thank you so much.. I have been relying solely on Twitter and Facebook.. I guess that’s a mistake.. I need to use other mediums as well, especially.. getting out and meeting people..

  4. Great article… I too get frustrated by how little fans I am getting to Facebook. I have a very specific niche with in hospital newborn photos. Looking forward to trying some of these suggestions.


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